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Landscape Gardener Services Sydney

Landscape gardening should include areas with a defined use beyond guiding people through your landscape. They are usually about people, but sometimes wildlife too. Do you have particular activities that you could enjoy outdoors on your own property? Perhaps you would enjoy creating special purpose areas. You can incorporate features and enhancements like the ones described on this website, as well as beautiful materials. Please go to our materials section to see what we can use.

Ponder the list of special purpose areas below for ideas about the possibilities available to you.

Archways & commercial entrances

You can make a bold statement to your visitors at your gate or front door. Express your personality to your visitors. You can do this by combining small gardens or steps for a strong entrance theme.


A pergola is a roofed framework of upright posts or pillars. The roof is open, made of wires or timber beams with spaces between. You may prefer free-standing in the garden or attached to the house as an extension. Pergolas are generally built to be covered with climbing or trailing plants. You'll enjoy deciduous plants like ornamental grapevines that lose their leaves in winter and let the sunshine in. Pergolas are a nice, light addition to your living spaces, because they also provide you a bit of privacy and protection.

Gazebos or pavilions

These can resemble free standing pergolas, except with a solid roof. Most are open on two sides or all around. Also they are usually slightly raised off the ground. People like them in landscape gardening because they provide shelter along with a wide view of the surrounds. Thus they can be a venue for sitting out to read a book, play music, have afternoon tea or a private conversation. Or just watch the birds. Gazebos are often ornamental, with iron lacework decorating the posts and railings. The look can be classical to contemporary.

Outdoor entertainment areas

Regardless of the state of your indoors, an outdoor entertainment area means you can be ready for spontaneous barbeques or dinners with guests. If you are a business, the special areas enable you to enjoy working with staff and clients outside the office walls. Add some lovely lighting, and your special outdoor space comes alive at night too. Create it near a pool or spa, and you have a multi-purpose play area that extends the functionality of your home or office.

Consider these examples:

  • Think tanks and outdoor lounges (can be sunken)
  • Barbeques & Fireplaces
  • Spa & Pool surrounds - transform or makeover the surroundings of your spas, swimming pools and fish ponds.

Bridges & boardwalks

Bridges are great in landscape gardening. You can use them for:

  • Combining with water features
  • Providing aesthetic interest
  • Guiding people through interesting gardens and providing a different perspective
  • Avoiding damage to valuable plants and garden beds
  • Elevating visitors from wet ground
  • Enabling pedestrians to cross uneven terrain or dips in the land
  • Connecting raised areas, eg outdoor stage or gazebo with the main decks and verandahs
  • Enhancing ornamental areas (Japanese, Balinese gardens, etc)

Bridges are usually made of wood, metal, cement and stone. However you can also mix different materials for added aesthetics. Boardwalks are usually timber such as treated pine or hardwood but can also be metal.

Decks & stages

Decks and stages are flat platforms either freestanding or joined to a house. Usually they are roofless and elevated off the ground. Decks can be extensions of home or office space with seating and potted plants. You will enjoy having a good place to relax or dine in the fresh air and natural light. And of course stages provide a roomy place for talks and performances in an outdoor setting. Decks and stages are usually made of timber, though can be of stone or concrete too. You can ornament them with other features to set the theme.


A patio is a paved outdoor area which extends the building. You would usually use a patio for dining. Thus they feature an outdoor table and chairs. Depending on size, you might like to decorate them with potted plants and perhaps an outdoor lounge. Generally patios will be made of concrete, stone or brick tiles or pavers. See the Paved areas section as well as Materials for the diverse, beautiful paving options available.

You may choose to cover your patio or deck with a pergola too.

Other special purpose area ideas

  • Zen & artistic gardens
  • Raised garden beds
  • Sculpture gardens
  • Green walls - walls specially designed to grow plants vertically for a soft organic environment
  • A patch of native bush - with some natural boulders, a place to break the tension of work and city living and watch wildlife

Into your special purpose areas you can incorporate features and enhancements to your landscaping like the ones described on this website. Also please go to our materials section to see what we can use to create your special purpose areas.

If it's not on the list, just ask us!