These hard landscaping elements are the verticals of your landscape. Their roles include marking your boundary, dividing up your property into functional areas, and providing support or backdrops for land and structures.


Why view a retaining wall as merely a required support for a wall on slopes or between different ground levels? Instead can you imagine your necessary retaining walls being a feature that enhances the beauty of the terrain? They can also be used to hold raised garden beds that add a sense of enclosure and direction to paths or private areas. Generally retaining walls are made of masonry blocks, concrete or timber such as railway sleepers. Retaining walls can also be combined with fences into one structure. In this case, Sydney residents can generally make a retaining wall 1 metre high before having to supply engineer's drawings.
For information about combining retaining walls with fences, go to our Fencing site.


Partitions are useful when you wish to separate off some spaces without using fences or complete walls. For example, you may wish to make one part of the garden private, or add a screen to a deck. Perhaps you have a fern garden or other sensitive plants requiring a bit of protection from wind and sun, or passing pedestrians.

You may also have a wall or fence that's too low and needs extending. In this case, see more ideas on our Fencing site and have a look at slats and louvres, timber and metal lattice. Last but not least is screening off those less-attractive but necessary things like clotheslines, garbage bins or pipes. Partitions can be made of hard landscaping materials like stone, glass, metal, timber or lattice, etc. Otherwise they can be soft organics like bamboo and brush.


Walls have many purposes. They combine with fences to contain activity within your own boundaries. Beyond that they direct the flow of people onto and around the property. Walls of interesting stone, timber, tile or glass are great as signature entrances to your property. Also they can provide a sense of enclosure (full or partial) of special purpose areas.
Examples are:
- Entertainment areas
- Spas and pools
- Private retreat or meeting spaces
- Utilities
- Raised garden beds
- Bridge approaches, etc.
Did you know water features can double as walls? For example a fountain can be mounted on an attractive wall of stone, ceramic tiles, or sandstone blocks. Your walls highlight and enhance a beautiful building and grounds. Ornamental or purely functional, they can always be attractive and integrated into your design theme. There is no limit to the materials, length, height, shape and location of walls and the features they can be combined with. We can also add stylish cladding to a boring old wall to liven it up and match new landscaping elements.


Fences are an essential feature of your landscaping. They are not merely to keep people and animals in or out, or define the boundaries of your property. They can be used within your property to separate various areas, especially where something stronger than a partition is required. Furthermore they can easily be made of attractive materials arranged to suit your whole design. For lots of information and ideas about fencing, go to our Fencing site.