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About Landscaping

Landscaping covers everything about your outdoor environment. Hard landscaping covers terrain, foundations, drainage, roads, paths, walls, artistic features, lighting, special purpose areas, and much more. Soft landscaping covers gardens, turf and all growing things. All these elements and the materials chosen for them can create satisfying spaces for living, working and playing. They complement your lifestyle and add value, aesthetics and functionality to your property. Landscaping today goes way beyond the grass and walls of yesteryear. Your property's outdoor environment can now be a fully designed, engaging and stylish extension of your indoor areas. Furthermore it can be tailored to suit water, soil, climate and terrain. We can help you think outside the square, and look forward to more enjoyment and less management long-term.

What's your landscape?

There is a wide variety of landscapes possible to enhance the quality and purpose of your business or home. The size of your property and how you use it will define some of the features needed. However the rest of it is up to you, your creativity and personality.

Is your business making the most of its outdoor assets?

Can you envision your team expressing your corporate image beyond the walls of your buildings? Landscaped, stylish, beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces are an investment for your business. They can:

  • Provide an immediate boost to your image.
  • Promote your brand identity.
  • Guide visitors through to where you want them to go.
  • Provide privacy where needed.
  • Give staff soothing relief from indoor pressures.
  • Add value to your property.

Are you hankering for a private retreat to escape to?

Too much of the outside getting in? You can 'leave the world behind' in a special space created with tasteful screens and partitions, feature stone or timber walls, raised garden beds or plant screens. Also a raised deck can let you relax away from the rough. Get on with that favourite book, take a leisurely outdoor meal or just put your feet up and ponder!

Are you a keen home entertainer?

Do you enjoy barbeques, pools, spas and outdoor lounging areas, day or night? Your playspace can be landscaped and lighted for maximum beauty, utility and enjoyment. Just as convenient as inside, plus the sun, moon and stars!

Perhaps you live or work in an inner city apartment or other compact space?

Landscaping can use space to the best advantage. It can extend your living and working area by providing more useful, comfortable space outside your house or office.

Imagine having a private outdoor garden or terrace courtyard in which to relax, entertain or hold casual meetings? Timber decking and partitions can moderate the hardness of the city and give you a sense of privacy from the bustle.

Is your family ready to bust out of your house?

Do you want to spend more time living outside without lots of grounds maintenance? Landscaping can create hard-wearing spaces for a variety of family activities. Thus the rough and tumble can happen in dedicated areas without damaging garden beds. And don't forget outdoor entertaining with all your friends and their children.

Does your outdoor space need a makeover?

As your family or business grows, your purpose or way of operating changes. Not just your interiors, but your grounds could require a makeover to keep up with and support where you are now. This can include transforming high-maintenance areas to low maintenance. Or you can design off-street parking that feels welcoming, adds value and integrates with your business, home and garden.

Here at Landscaping By Freddy we work with Sydney businesses and home owners from the first 'itch' for change. We are with you through the imagination and design phase, to product selection and the completion of your new landscape or renovation of existing one. Furthermore we stand by our work and will follow up if you have any questions or problems.

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